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© 2019 by Voices of South Africa


VOICES OF SOUTH AFRICA TRUST is a registered non-profit charitable organisation running educational initiatives in South Africa. The educactional work we do aimed at the development of young people through the medium of music and the Arts.


We run intensive training programs for young singers who are selected from across South Africa and some neighbouring Southern African countries including Swaziland, Loesotho, Botswana and Zimbabwe. The yong people we work with come from all walks of life however the majority come from the still underprivilleged, unsupported and still very impoverished communities of South Africa. Areas that are in most cases rife with crime, drugs, HIV and Aids. Areas that lack centres that support the young people especialy those taleneted in the arts. 


We have set up intensive workshops which are held every year and are used to connect highly talented young people who have an interest and dreams of working in the field of the performings arts as singers, actors, poets,  musicicians, arts administrators and so on with leading musicians, arts practitioners, music training institutions in South Africa and abroad while equipping them with tools they need to go back to their communities and create work that will both be educational and sustainable.