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      7th Opera Voices of South Africa International 
Singing Competition 2020
Choral Section

Thank you for your interest in applying to the Choral section of the Voices of South Africa Singing Competition & Masterclasses 2020

           Main Prizes   -  2020

               R10 000 Donation 

      1st Prize R10 000    Opera Piece  

     The Diemersfontein Wines Opera Prize

     (Donated by Diemersfontein Country & Wine Estate)




R10 000 Donation    

 The Nonhlanhla Makhanya Memorial Prize

     (Donated by Dr. Sifiso Makhanya) 


2nd Prize  R5 000    Opera Piece 

3rd Prize R3 000     Opera Piece 

4th Prize R2 000     Opera Piece 

R5 000 Donation


iFele Shoes Prizes

R3 000


The iFele Audience Prize

(Donated by iFele

R2 000

Best Conductor Prize

The iFele Conductors Prize

 (Donated by iFele)  





Eligibility & Rules 

  1. The competition in 2020 is only open to adult choirs in the Western Cape. 

  2. Only adult choirs can apply to participate in the Opera Voices of South Africa Singing Competition subject to the terms and conditions set out in these Rules. Choristers must be at least eighteen years old to participate in the competition. In the event of suspicion or doubt that a chorister is of the required age, the choir manager will have to prove by providing the identity document of the chorister in question. Failure to provide proof will result in the choir being disqualified.

  3. Choirs must include a Youtube Link for consideration. Choirs without videos will not be considered. 

  4. Only four (4) choirs will be invited to compete in the final round of the competition. The decision of the selected choirs will be final. Choirs will be sent an email with the result of their application. 

  5. Each chosen choir will be required to present one operatic choral piece of their choice, lasting no longer than 10 minutes in the final round on 2 August. The Selected choirs will need to give details of the operatic piece they have chosen to compete with as soon as they get the result. 

  6. Choirs are required to prepare a compulsory Isitibili piece for performance in the final round, lasting no longer than 5 minutes. All chosen choirs are required to perform this. Performance of this will be judged and voted on by the audience as the audience award. 

  7. If for any reason the choir is unable to participate, the organiser must be informed as soon as possible and the choir on reserve will be invited to take part. 

  8. The selection and appointment of adjudicators to the Panel is at the sole discretion of the organiser and Chair of the Panel, Njabulo Madlala. 

  9. The decision of the adjudicators is final. No discussion or correspondence will be entertained or engaged with. 

  10. There is only one category. Choirs will not be categorised into Standard or Large Sections, nor will this be taken into consideration to arrive at a result. 

  11. Participating choirs will need to have no fewer than 50 choristers and no more than 60 choristers. The Choirs who do not adhere to this rule will be disqualified. 

  12. Choristers may not sing with more than one choir. Choirs may not invite any of the finalists of the solo singing competition as their choristers or soloists in the same year that they are competing as soloists. The choirs and the soloists will immediately be excluded from any prizes. 

  13. The Venue of the 2020 Competition will be confirmed closer to the time of the competition. The venue will be located in Cape Town. 

  14. All Choirs will be expected to rehearse in the hall with the designated pianist Kamal Khan at 11:00am. 

  15. Rehearsal time must be observed and adhered to. Any choir arriving late and unable to rehearse will be excluded. The competition start time will be 14:00 and will not be delayed due to venue restrictions. 

  16. The order of choirs will be decided by a draw, which will be held during the Conductors’ Briefing with Kamal Khan and Jeremy Silver on 21 July at a venue to be confirmed. 

  17. Choirs are expected to perform in the uniform of the choirs. No opera costume or casual clothing will be permissible. 

  18. Conductors will need to be available for up to two workshop sessions with maestro Jeremy Silver, Dominic Wheeler and Kamal Khan. One Session will be during the week of 22-26 July. 

  19. No meals will be provided to the conductors or choirs. All choirs participating are encouraged to make their own arrangements for food and drinks. No alcohol will be allowed in the venue of the competition. No drinking will be tolerated and choristers who become intoxicated and disruptive will be banned from attending in future years. This behaviour will risk their choirs being disqualified. 

  20. No transport will be provided by the organisers to the venue. Choirs are responsible for their own transport to and from the venue. 

  21. Choirs are required to provide the name and postal address of the person to whom all correspondence should be addressed. 

  22. All communications to the competition should be addressed to and CC or to the 2019 appointed choir coordinator Siya Heshula at and CC

  23. Television and radio rights for the competition of Opera Voices of South Africa will belong to the Amazwi Omzansi Africa Trust. No  material may be televised or filmed without the express written consent of the organiser and director of the competition. 

  24. It is a misconduct for a choir to enter into a contractual agreement with a broadcaster, whether television, radio or any other media or format, without written permission from the Amazwi Omzansi Africa Trust.

  25. All choirs must seek permission before distributing any material to the press, television and radio. It is the responsibility of the choir to ensure that any permission so granted is not used by the conductor or choristers in such a way as to compromise the competition. .

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