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What is our Misssion?
To improve the quality of lives of young and aspiring singers and musicians, especially those from communities that are still very underprivileged in Africa. This is achieved by creating a concrete platform from which these young singers and musicians can showcase their work and talents.
By providing an educational program to harness their skills so that they gain enough insight to get to know their craft, the business and the career while also engaging, stimulating, educating and providing entertainment for our communities by producing high quality performances of opera and classical music.
What is our main Goal?
The main goal is to provide young gifted artists with an avenue for personal and professional development by offering opportunities to showcase their abilities; the best of which will be selected for ongoing support by the organisation.


What are our Objectives? 
  • Enable the training, education and nurturing of young South African musicians, particularly singers by supporting local, national and international collaborations.


  • Act as a bridge between South African young artists and professional music institutions in South Africa and abroad.


  • Introduce Western classical music, and especially opera, previously known to be a solely European art form to a wider South African audience while promoting South African music and young composers to audiences around the world.


  • Introduce fundraising and community educational concerts as a way of forming a significant part in the fight against HIV/Aids and Crime.

Our Process & Functions
Education and Training

Identification of young, highly talented South African singers, musicians and composers, particularly those from previously disadvantaged communities of the country, to provide them with the skills necessary to make a start to the career.

Running workshops in South Africa for these artists with South African and international teachers and practitioners. Encouraging through formal collaborative workshops the development of a creative dialogue and relationships between singers and composers.
Information & Advice

Researching and providing ongoing information to participants which will be useful in their careers and work, and to provide advice on a range of matters. Enabling workshop participants to make contact with teachers, practitioners and patrons who can assist in their career development.

Developing and maintaining a comprehensive database of all the musicians for networking and marketing purposes and facilitating communication and interaction.

Supporting workshop participants to develop their careers by providing performance platforms and opportunities, both within South Africa and internationally. The opportunities focus on three particular musical styles: South African traditional music, Western Classical music and New music.

Providing regular events to encourage members to share ideas, network, engage with each other, obtain feedback to their work, etc. These will include regular readings of new works, mini music theatre or dance festivals and social activities.
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