What Can You Do?

 The Trust is looking for any help possible. These include donations, private benefactors as well as private sponsors in order to be able to stage the educational workshops in South Africa.


Your support will make a critical difference to the lives of many young, aspiring and still underprivileged talented South African musicians and singers. You can help us inspire the next generation of South African musicians and opera stars.



The 2020 festival is expected to cost R500,000 (£25 000) which principally represents the cost of supporting young artists. These costs consist of travel costs for the young singers chosen from across South Africa, their accommodation and food, as well as venue and piano hires. Most of the professional artists donate their services.


To make a donation please click on the donation button below  or fill out the form on the right and we will send you information on ways to help to this initiative.

What does my Support do?
  • Cost of return travel for the young singers chosen to be part of the two weeks intensive developmental & training programme held in Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Guest teachers' travel from their home towns to Cape Town in order to teach the young singers.

  • Accommodation, ground transport & food for the duration of the workshops and competition.

  • Venue hires for auditions, workshops, master-classes and educational performances involving the community.

  • Music scores, books and keyboards for local teachers to aid in the music education of the young.

Become a Patron

If you are interested in becoming a major individual donor who gives outstanding support and shares our aims, please contact us. We would expect donations of at least ZAR 50,000 or £2,500 at this level.


Your name will also be associated with one of the main prizes (e.g In 2013 the main prizes were named after two of our main patrons: The Diemersfontein Prize and the  Shepstone & Weylie Prize.

Donate Now


Bronze                     ZAR5,000                   £200


Silver                        ZAR8,000                   £400

Gold                          ZAR16,000                £800

Platinum                 ZAR32,000                 £1600

If you would like to make a donation and become a patron, please email us at: